Large, specialized and knowledgeable sales & trading team focused on real estate securities

Green Street Trading's mission is to provide unparalleled sales & trading services to equity investment managers looking to execute the best possible real estate capital allocation decisions in the public market. The team is able to capitalize on the expertise of its affiliate Green Street Advisors, the preeminent provider of research on Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).

Over 30 years

REIT Equity Experience
& Leadership

Green Street's team of 6 specialized salespeople provide equity investment managers with expert insights into REIT market activity and investor sentiment, supported by the acclaimed research and investment recommendations of Green Street Advisors. In addition to thought leadership on important industry, sector, and company topics, the team offers REIT management access, property tours, and conferences.


Institutional Investor

Established in 1995, Green Street's trading team has relationships with over 150 institutional investors from around the world including nearly all the largest REIT players, and operates the highest volume dedicated REIT trading desk in North America. The team is led by Michael Vranich, Managing Director, Sales & Trading, who brings 18 years of experience in REIT equity execution and block-trading.

One key differentiator is our conflict-free, agency-only approach.

We do not compete with clients. We do not do proprietary trading, market making or investment banking. Our commitment is to get the best execution and best price possible for our clients.

For questions regarding our trading services, please contact:

Michael Vranich
+1 (214) 749-4730.

Green Street Trading's affiliate, Green Street Advisors, produces award-winning research. For more information about Green Street Advisors and the track record of its investment recommendations, please visit: